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For the fourth consecutive year the monograph Akita and Shiba contest is held by the Spanish Association of Akita and Shiba Inu in  collaboration with the Conference Mangamore. It will take place the weekend of October 10th, again in the Basque town of Amorebieta. A unique event to share with shiba and akita lovers worldwide and especially in Spain.

This event is far from the traditional idea we have of a show: it is a unique opportunity to have the assessment of a Japanese judge through a complete rapport and a simultaneous seminar trial that will bring us to the enigmatic Japanese idea of the essence of the "Inus" and, above all, is an opportunity to share a weekend dedicated to our hobby with other shiba and akita lovers from other parts of Spain and even the world. Are you going to miss it?

This year we count on Mr. Hidechika Yamagami that will judge both breeds. Mr. Yamagami is JKC judge and member of the prestigious associations Akiho and NIPPO. He also has with his wife, Ms. Tomoko Yamagami, the affixes Ryuuhou Yamagami, breeding both breeds. Outside of Japan, Mr. Yamagami has been invited to judge events like the Akita Club Clubsiegerschau Breitnau (Germany) in 2012 and the II AkihoFest (Russia) in 2013.

You can check out the third issue of "The Inu Journal" where you can see a small story about the event last year. You can also visit Spain Jasa page for photos from previous years and whet your appetite.


This year the contest moves into the Sports Larrea in Amorebieta (Polideportivo Larrea), with a larger tent than in previous years and an adjoining park for our dogs.

To participate you must download and complete this form with your dog data to send it to

The account to make the deposit and fees are reflected in the following image:


Amorebieta is a municipality in the province of Vizcaya (Basque Country). We found little hotel offer but is very well located and is about 20 minutes from Bilbao by car, so there is always the option of moving to the capital.

Within the town's most desirable hotels that allow pets for free are Euba Hotel and Hotel Harrison-Etxea (the latter has the advantage of being the venue for the social dinner) but this year they will soon run out of rooms so the recommended option is to book in the city of Bilbao.

See you in Amorebieta!

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